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ReluxObtrusiveLight (kCalc)

Add-on for ReluxDesktop

With ObtrusiveLight, you can cover the entire normative spectrum of light emission. The product ReluxkCalc has been completely renewed and expanded with numerous evaluation functions and is now available as ObtrusiveLight.

7-day trial


What does the software offer?

Proof of light emission

ReluxObtrusiveLight is an effective planning tool for the comprehensive assessment of obtrusive light in various applications such as sports facilities, roads, urban developments, and outdoor areas. National and international standards are considered.

A particular advantage of the application is the timely detection of light pollution, which can help to prevent negative ecological, health, astronomical, and energy-related impacts.

Supported standards

CIE 150:2017

SN-EN 12464-2:2014

SN-EN 12193

EN 12193:2018

ÖNORM O 1052:2022

NSVV Lichthinder 2023

LAI 2012

The new evaluation tools at a glance

Free 7-day trial

All functions can be tested for 7 days. 
The trial version can be activated in ReluxDesktop when ReluxObtrusiveLight is started for the first time.

The latest version of ReluxDeskstop 2024.2 must be installed.

Discover the features of ReluxObtrusiveLight for yourself


What sets ReluxObtrusiveLight apart?

Assessment of
light emission

Calculate glare rate - UGR

Calculate k-value

Evaluate luminance on facades

UFR calculation with spherical globe

Consideration of the latest standards

Learn the software in just a few hours

Learn how to apply the standards EN 12464-2 + EN 12193 (European),
LAI 2012 + ÖNORM O 1052:2022 (Germany, Austria)
and the CIE 150:2017 + NSVV Lichthinder 2023 (World, Europe, Netherlands)

ReluxObtrusiveLight SelfStudy,



"The new add-on brings numerous innovations for the lighting planner and puts the topic of light emission at the centre of attention. Everything can now be assessed and calculated in one tool. With checkboxes, you can immediately see whether the values have been complied with.

This means that evidence can be provided in accordance with standards. An active contribution to the reduction of light pollution."

Karim Daoudi,  BD & Head of Training
RELUX Informatik AG

  System requirements

ReluxDesktop 2024.2
While using this product all functionalities of ReluxThirdParty are available

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