ReluxCAD for TinLine Plan

Compile your lighting and sensor plan in TinLine Plan. Define the necessary room parameters for the calculations. Thanks to the bidirectional interface to the ReluxDesktop application, you obtain all the calculation results in the presentation mode you require for your CAD plan.

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ReluxCAD for TinLine Plan,

What does the software offer?

Add-on for TinLine Plan for electrical planners

Plan directly in TinLine Plan. Transfer your CAD data directly to ReluxDesktop without cumbersome detours. This simplifies the planning process considerably. Relux can be used fully integrated without a separate AutoCAD version. The necessary software components, main functions and product databases are integrated into TinLine Plan with this add-on.

Using the built-in interface, you can transfer 3D objects from one application to another via copy & paste. A great performance for a low financial outlay!

Useful functions with an interface to ReluxDesktop

More information about TinLine Plan

Find out more from the manufacturer of the TinLine Plan software and about the interfaces.

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TinLinePlan as of 2017, ReluxDesktop as of 2017